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Knowing the ‘real God’ has come at a price

Knowing the ‘real God’ has come at a price

May His glorious work be done even more.. !

The Lonely Star

There is a single star shining into my room

Sending down the fruit of the Spirit

Love, peace and joy.

It erases without fail

The pain of the past

Of unforgiving dislike of the self

Of duties unfinished and undone

Of dreams remaining dreams

Of will remaining hidden;

The power of love descends

And washes anew my soul

Spreading glorious light

Of victory over the tempter.

For the single twinkling star

Is there on lonely nights;

And on beautiful nights

Where it might be forgotten among

The other stars shining on;

The mild light of that single star

Is there – it inspires me.

The knock on my heart

I’ve heard it tonight for the star is calling me

That star is the lily of the valley;

The showers come down from there

And my pain has been washed away

The star is my glorious hope of a life

Yet to be done.

[When on my last breath

I’ll hear the words

Echo through my room

“Well done child.”]

An evening with nature


In the shadow of that majestic tree

The leaves swirling all around,

An awesome halo of light glows

From the evening sun;

A little white dove spreading

Its translucent charm around.


A lonely figure standing by

The sun his only companion

-a sphere of golden warmth;

The wonder of the song

From a lovely lark

Its magical voice echoing.


A lovely brook among the rocks

-tingling music its commune

The graceful nymphs passing by;

The elegance of the wings

Of a lovely fluttering butterfly

Its presence a graceful touch.


The feathery clouds sailing by

Among the mountains rising high

There  is in every breath

of nature, a silent touch

A touch of Almighty’s presence

A touch of eternal grace.

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