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Random Motion and Forgotten Identity

As usual I waited till the last moment to open my eyes – still heavy with sleep and faded dreams. I dragged one leg out, then the next and planted them on the floor to steady myself. Within a few moments I freshened up and rushed down. The food was swallowed without recognizing the dish or the taste. I then rushed out of the house willing myself to walk faster than usual which is most of the time slower than normal.

The sky was blue and the day windy but nothing registered in my mind. People and places passed by and after getting the photostats, I walked  absent-mindedly towards a rickshaw driver, just allowing a little reason to seep through, to make sure he had clicked the meter on. I had a long distance to go and I felt it was necessary that I got a fair charge. Shops, vehicles and greenery passed by like a faded film being played on fast-forward before my eyes. But I was lost in a world of my own, wondering how a particular shop name, “Mobsroot” could be written so creatively.

Soon, I reached my destination. I asked the driver to pull over to the left, and got out. The meter showed a faded 45.00 and with a half-reasoning mind I thought- most of these people charge 10 to 15 rupees extra. But lethargy made me hand out the 50 rupee note I held in my hand. And in return, he handed me a neatly folded paper on which something was printed, even as a defensive wall went up around me.

I asked,” What is it?” not a bit softly, as I did not trust strangers.

But involuntarily I reached out and took the paper. He mumbled a response which I could not make out, owing to my sleepiness, lack of interest or hearing loss. Simultaneously, he reached into his shirt pocket and searched for something. I asked again through my defensive wall, not without irritation and perhaps rudely,

“What is this paper?”

He responded with a sheepish grin,

“Read it”

All my brain could process was – I’m late. Get going.


But he gave me pause as he handed me 5 rupees in change. This was unusual. A kind hearted auto-driver at last. I reached out involuntarily and put the change in my bag, as though it made me a little richer than I already was. I turned and marched away from the rickshaw driver. As I walked down the lane, I glanced at the piece of paper in my hand.

Was it a campaign or an advertisement? Or was it a plea for help? Perhaps some notice to follow rules.  I focused my otherwise blurry eyes on the piece of paper. The words came to life before my eyes. And I tripped over- almost. My universe felt like it had tilted a tiny bit. I blinked, paused, smiled and continued walking. But my thoughts had taken on a new twist.

To be contd..

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