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What does the songbird pick up
That I do not?
What fills its heart with-
Sorrow or cheer,
To render vibrations
In musical muse?

What does the artist envision
That I do not?
What colours flow with
Ease and blend
To render scapes
In artistic muse?

What does a mother perceive
That I do not?
What is that touch on
A hapless babe
To spread warmth
In loving muse?

What does a cook relish
That I do not?
What fills their dishes with
Spices and flavours
To sauté combinations
In delicious muse?

What does the animal whiff in
That I do not?
What teaches them of
The world around them
To be and survive
In instinctive muse?

I know not all the answers
Yet as I seek, so I learn
And live and speak
In sagacious muse.

A few lessons from grandpa’s favourite things

Umbrella – No matter how severe the storm, there is always shelter under the umbrella of faith.


Torch– No matter how scary or dark the surroundings are, a little ray of light can diffuse that darkness.











Walking Stick– No matter how independent you are, there are times when you have to learn to depend.


Glasses– No matter how distorted the view on life, a different perspective can give a better insight.


Grandfather’s clock – Time is ticking, do all you can while you still can, for the Lord.


Books – Acquire knowledge for wisdom is an asset.


Lemon SqueezerBe refreshed continually, for health is equally important.


Time pieceRest is important but be on the alert even then, for there is no time to waste.


Thanks for stopping by, all of you.

Hope u enjoyed looking at the pics as much as i enjoy looking at his things. They have a world of memories etched on them, especially the chimes of time rung out by that old clock, bringing in the music of a bygone era with it.

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